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Aperitivo im Camaro Haus

The Olfactory Chronicles

Wir laden Sie und Ihre Freunde herzlich ein!

Dienstag, 26. November 2019, 18:00 UhrCamaro Haus, Potsdamer Str. 98 A, 10785 BerlinUnkostenbeitrag: 5,- Euro für Konzert, Snacks und Getränke oder 030 / 263 929 75

mit Boris Raux – Dieses Mal in Englischer Sprache.

Boris Raux l’escalier

aus dem mittellateinischen aper(i)tivus „öffnend”,
zu lateinisch aperire „öffnen”

Der Aperitivo findet dieses Mal in Englischer Sprache statt.


How does olfaction work? What do odours bring to our lives? What does the sense of smell change for the contemporary art practices? What are Boris Raux Olfactory Chronicles?

The French artist Boris Raux will explain how our nose operates from the nostrils to the brain.
He will shortly present how odours influence our behaviour and our society.
He will give us a short panorama of what Olfactory Art is and discuss the consequences of introducing olfaction into the arts.

He will finish this talk by presenting his own practice: The Olfactory Chronicles.


About Boris Raux

From his scientific background the artist Boris Raux kept an intense drive for research. During the past fifteen years, he produces what he calls, The Olfactory Chronicles. He tries endlessly to grasp a better understanding of our world and of our society. This task is obviously impossible so he faces the situation with humour and accepts to lose everything into volatile scents.

His practice evolves fro m four areas of investigation, the common goods, the common places, the uncommon bodies and the common myths to create, nowadays, performative sculptures that might be described as factories of common olfactory experiences.